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About Our Ratings

MommyAdvisor’s “Mommy Ratings” were designed with the purpose of simplifying the ratings process for baby products. Other expert rating systems create different categories for different traits of a products: ease of use, safety, etc.. But, MommyAdvisor realizes that parents care about one thing – the bottom line! Therefore, in developing ratings on products, Mommy Ratings are based on the three main features of a product: Ease of Use, Safety, Quality.

Other rating systems provide little guidance as to how ratings should be made. However, at MommyAdvisor, we ask parents to keep in mind the distribution of a simple bell curve when making a rating. Meaning, most products should be about average.

Mommy Ratings are based on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best products and 1 being the worst. Therefore, when rating products, more products should have a rating of 3 (since 3 is the middle of the curve), and products on both ends of the spectrum should have a rating of either 1 for the worst, or 5 for the best.

Though it is difficult to rate all factors of a product, if Mommies rate with the bell curve below, in mind, over time, Mommy Ratings will depict a very accurate picture of the relative value of a product to the other products in a category.