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How to Use MommyAdvisor

MommyAdvisor is a community of parents who come together for one purpose - to compare notes on baby products. As you know, becoming a parent is hard enough. MommyAdvisor was designed to remove the headache that parents experience, as they go through countless "expert" ratings online and offline, designed to tell them about the best products for their babies.

Expert ratings are great. But, who knows baby products better than Mommy? Parents have the unique experience of using products, first-hand. Mommy Ratings are derived from the collective experience of parents, over time. This collective experience provides a different - and, perhaps, more accurate - assessment of a product's quality than experts can provide.

Therefore, we encourage you to review our ratings, join our community, and rate the products that you have purchased for your bundle of joy.

To be a part of the community that is making smart consumers out of parents everywhere, just follow these 5 simple steps:

Join our Community. By joining our community for free, you will have instantaneous access to all ratings on thousands of models of strollers, carriers, swings, and much, much more

Locate a Category of Ratings on the Home Page. On the home page, you will find a number of categories and sub-categories, for which we have created ratings – based on the collective input of parents, everywhere. Our categories range from vaporizers and cribs to sub-categories, such as jogging strollers and budget cribs. Click on any of categories or sub-categories to go to the Ratings Page.

See Mommy Ratings. On our ratings page, you will find the Top 10 product models from a particular category or sub-category, as rated by parents. Click on any of those links to take you to the model’s page. Have a specific model that you would like to know more about or see what others are saying about it? Check out the bottom of the Ratings Page to find a specific model from a specific manufacturer.

Leave Your Own Ratings. The more parents who rate each product, the more valuable the Mommy Rating will be for parents everywhere. So, become a part of the community. Let everyone know what you think about every product that you purchase for your baby.

Come Back Often. MommyAdvisor was created by parents with the intention of helping parents create smarter buying decisions. The more frequently you come back and contribute, the more valuable of a resource it will be for parents everywhere.

We thank you, our visitors, and we would love to hear from you. Give us feedback about any aspect of our site, or what we can do to make your MommyAdvisor experience better.